Bachelor of Commerce – BCom (2.5 Years – Online)


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Careers & Outcomes

Program Length

30 Months

5 Semesters

Total ECTS Credits


Program Fee (Per Semester)

3,500 EUR

Includes tuition and all other applicable fees



Program Overview


Rushford Business School offers a comprehensive Bachelor of Commerce program with a specialization in an area of interest. Students who are interested in pursuing a career in the area of business, accounting, banking, insurance, and other allied areas will greatly benefit from a bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Rushford. The curriculum for the program has been designed to ensure that graduates are equipped with the knowledge and skills to solve business problems, recognize trends, act proactively to overcome business challenges, and thoroughly understand the fundamentals of business from a practical standpoint.


The focus is also to improve our graduates’ employability through mentoring, career development, coaching, personal development, internships, and projects. The program offers opportunities to students to engage with industry mentors for guidance on applied aspects of business and management as well as career development.


This program also offers students to not only learn the core fundamentals of business and management but to also specialize in the following areas:


  • Accounting
  • Business Law
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Human Resources
  • International Finance
  • Retail Management


Students have the opportunity to be mentored by Industry experts, and complete project work and internships at reputed organizations worldwide. This unique BCom program differentiates itself from most other programs through its focus on applied business knowledge and skills development, and career-oriented approach to learning.





Number of Semesters


Total ECTS Credits




Courses Overview


The Rushford Online BCom program is comprised of 5 semesters and each semester lasts approximately 6 months. Each semester is comprised of 36 ECTS credits. The last semester of the program is dedicated to the specialization that the student selects from the list of specializations available. Students will also engage in the Capstone Project in the last two semesters of the program.




Rushford Business School bachelor programs utilize a system of continuous student assessment instead of only the end of semester examinations. Our continuous assessment includes assignments, case studies, multiple-choice examinations, group assignments, and projects. Students are expected to sit for examinations after each semester. However, provisional promotion to next semester is ensured so that students don’t have to wait for the examinations to take place.



Semester 1 SEM01
36 ECTS Credits | 26 weeks
  1. Introduction to Business and Management 4 ECTS
  2. Marketing Management 8 ECTS
  3. Financial Reporting and Analysis 8 ECTS
  4. Business Communication 8 ECTS
  5. Statistics 8 ECTS
Semester 2 SEM02
36 ECTS Credits | 26 weeks
  1. Banking 8 ECTS
  2. Managerial Accounting 8 ECTS
  3. Microeconomics 8 ECTS
  4. Financial Management 8 ECTS
  5. Insurance 4 ECTS
Semester 3 SEM03
36 ECTS Credits | 26 weeks
  1. Macroeconomics 8 ECTS
  2. Research Methods and Econometrics 8 ECTS
  3. Business Analytics 8 ECTS
  4. Human Resource Management 8 ECTS
  5. Elective 4 ECTS
Semester 4 SEM04
36 ECTS Credits | 26 weeks
  1. Business Strategy 8 ECTS
  2. Business Law 8 ECTS
  3. Taxation 4 ECTS
  4. Politics and Public Policy 4 ECTS
  5. Auditing and Corporate Governance 4 ECTS
  6. Elective 4 ECTS
  7. Elective 4 ECTS
Semester 5 SEM05
36 ECTS Credits | 26 weeks

Specialization – 36 ECTS

Careers & Outcomes

Managerial Jobs requiring Bachelor Degree



The Rushford BCom program provides students with the critical knowledge and skill that are expected from graduates entering the workforce or candidates for further education in business and management. The program has been developed keeping in focus the specific needs of organizations in the area of accounting, finance, leadership, and management. The specializations help graduates to conduct an additional deep study in the chosen area as well as engage in a research project that helps solidify the fundamental concepts learned in the program.


Students completing our BCom program find themselves to be of interest to a broad array of businesses and organizations. Graduates find roles in the area of accounting, consultancies, finance, general management, and administrative roles, and in other roles within their area of specialization.


Our faculty and mentors are always guiding our students during the program to prepare them for the next career move after graduating from the program. Rushford also provides guidance on employability, career counseling, personal development, and industry outlook.
Many students have an interest in starting their own businesses or supporting their family business. We ensure that the program helps such students to upskill themselves for being effective in such situations.


Each student at Rushford Business School is matched with an Industry mentor, preferably in the same industry in which the student is working or has aspirations to enter. The mentor guides the student through the course and provides the student with real-life experiential learning along with core learning taking place in the program.




Rushford maintains very high standards for students who enter our academic programs. For all Bachelor programs, the following criteria need to be met before admission is offered to a prospective student.



All applicants have to be at least 17 years of age on or before the commencement date of their program.



High School Diploma,  OR

Evidence of 12th Year School completion, OR

Any other equivalent qualification


Qualifications Waiver:

If you don’t have a High School Diploma, you may still qualify through a pre-bachelor coursework completion of 60 ECTS. Please write to if you would like to seek this option for entry into the BCom program.


Proficiency in English:

Evidence of Proficiency in English

IELTS 6.0+ , OR

PTE 50+ , OR

TOEFL 550+, OR

Any other proficiency test taken in the last 2 years


English Proficiency Waiver:

The English proficiency test is waived for the following candidates

Native English Speakers, OR;

Applicants having completed  12 years of schooling in English


  • EduQua Certified Swiss Institution

    Rushford Business School is certified by EduQua, a Swiss quality label for further education institutions. EduQua is an accreditation body recognized and supported by the Swiss Confederate Government. EduQua is the first quality certification for public and private educational institutions in Switzerland and is recognized, supported, and endorsed by the following organizations: • Swiss Federal Government • Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education (EDK) • State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) • Swiss Conference for Professional Training department (SBBK) • Swiss Association of Employment Departments (VSAA) • Swiss Federation for Adult Learning (SVEB)


    Rushford Business School is a member of the “Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) ACBSP is a global accrediting body which accredits business programs at the associate, baccalaureate, and graduate degree levels worldwide since 1988. Rushford Business School is part of a membership that extends to more than 60 countries. ACBSP members are amongst the best educators in their respective fields, interested in learning innovative teaching methods, improving the delivery of business education programs, and creative value for their students.


    Rushford Business School is a member of the “International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE)” The IACBE accredits business programs that lead to degrees at the associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels in institutions of higher education worldwide. All modes of delivery, campuses, locations, and instructional sites, as well as all business programs regardless of degree level, will normally be included in the IACBE accreditation review.


    Rushford Business School is a proud supporter and Signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Management Education (UN PRME). PRME is an initiative of the United Nations Global Compact founded in 2007 as a platform to encourage and increase awareness and integration of sustainability in business schools around the world. Today, PRME is the largest coordinated effort between the world’s business schools and the United Nations. Rushford Business School became a PRME signatory in 2020. As a school, we understand the privilege and responsibility of providing quality education that gives learners the knowledge and tools they need to succeed, change lives, and transform societies.

  • Swiss Higher Educational Institution

    Rushford Business School is an approved post-secondary higher educational Institution with the authority to award private degrees in Switzerland. The institute is registered in the Canton of Zug, Switzerland under the UID CH-

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