Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in Supply Chain Management


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Careers & Outcomes

Average Program Length

3 Years

Range 2-5 Years

Total ECTS Credits


Tuition Fee (Full Program)

15000 EUR



Program Overview


The Rushford Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is a 120 ECTS credits doctoral program designed to equip business students, managers, practitioners, and leaders with high-level knowledge, research, and analytical skills so that they can apply these personal and professional attributes to solve the most complex business problems. In contrast to programs at the master level, the DBA program focuses on the application of theory to real-world business challenges. Students are expected to go through a transformative learning process that enhances their research skills, so they view business situations differently with an emphasis on applying research methods and finding solutions that lead to organizational efficiency, growth, and long-term sustainability.


This is a flexible though rigorous program that can be completed 100% online. Students define the pace at which they complete the program. Based on the pathway that the student chooses (Coursework vs Research), the duration of the program will vary significantly. Most students are expected to achieve the qualification within 3 years of joining the program. However, the research pathway can lead to the qualification in less than 3 years.


The Rushford DBA in Internation Business program focuses on applied research so that executives, managers, and practitioners can start applying what they learn in the program in their organizations in real-time. We focus on ensuring that our students develop a very high level of expertise in all areas of business and Supply Chain Managment. The coursework will also focus on the enhancement of research skills, writing skills, presentation skills, critical and analytical thinking skills, and change management skills.


Upon completing the program, students should be able to:


  • Apply research methodologies to study the business situations and address business challenges
  • Conduct primary and secondary research to understand business challenges
  • Apply a deep understanding of business and Supply Chain Managment fundamentals and practices to predict outcomes
  • Develop a high level of command over business communications
  • Articulate complex ideas, strategies, plans, and tactics in a clear and effective manner
  • Develop a high level of proficiency in creating meaningful reports that use data collection, data cleaning, data interpretation, and engaging reporting with the use of data visualization
  • Engage in academic and professional research activities that may lead to publications in peer-review journals
  • Develop high-level proficiency in applying robust research methodologies, study design, and study conduct in producing a thesis at the end of the program as part of the requirement for the conferring of the doctorate qualification



The Rushford DBA program can be completed either through a coursework-based pathway or a research-based pathway. More information is available on these pathways in the courses section of this program page.


Rushford offers Recognition of Prior Experience (RPE) and thus a formal master’s degree is not mandatory for entering this program. However, a prior bachelor’s degree is mandatory for entry into this program.


Tuition Fees:

The tuition fees for this program is EUR 15000 for the entire program.  We offer two flexible tuition fees payment plans for this program as follows :


Frequency Installment Amount (EUR)Total Tuition Payable (EUR)
Yearly in Advance500015000
6 Monthly in Advance275016500


This calculation assumes that the student completes the program in 3 years. However, if the student completes the program earlier, the entire remaining tuition fees will be payable at the time time of completing the program. For students who take more than 3 years to complete the program, the tuition fees payable will be as per the agreed installment plan provided to students.



Approx. Course Length

5-8 weeks

Total ECTS Credits


Max. Number of Transfer Credits:


Courses Overview

Students can complete the DBA program through two different pathways.


Mixed Mode 

The DBA in Supply Chain Managment mixed-mode pathway focuses on coursework completion and gaining a high level of knowledge and applied research skills before moving to the dissertation phase of the program. This pathway is particularly suited to graduates, junior to mid-level managers with less than 5 years of experience in business and management.


Course ECTS Credits
Business Foundation Course32
Quantitative Research Methods in Business4
Qualitative Research Methods in Business 4
Quantitative Business Data Analysis 4
Philosophy and Process of Applied Business Research 4
Experiments and Survey Designs 4
Theories of Organizations 4
Theory Development 4
Advanced Management 4
AI/ML & Data Visualization Methods for Research4
Supply Chain Management (3 Part course)12
Organizational Leadership – Doctoral Theory and Practice4
Business Strategy and Innovation 4
Human Resource Management4
Doctoral Dissertation Preparation4
Doctoral Dissertation and Oral Defense (20000 -25000 words)24


Research Mode

This DBA in Supply Chain Management through research pathway is well suited for candidates who have significant management and business experience, usually over 5 years. A doctoral mentor will be assigned early in the program to work with the student towards the preparation of the dissertation.


Course/AssignmentECTS Credits
Business Foundation Course32
Supply Chain Management (3 Part Course)12
Written Dissertation proposal – 5000 Words16
Written Dissertation and Oral Defense (45000 to 50000 words)60


Careers & Outcomes

Job Growth


Outcomes and Careers:

The Rushford DBA in Supply Chain Management is a fantastic opportunity for students and professionals to compete for a variety of high-level roles in organizations including educational institutions.


A DBA qualification certainly helps students and professionals to demonstrate the commitment and expertise to assume such roles. After completing this program, the student either accelerate their growth in their current organizations or transform their career to move to new business and industry domains as well as into the area of teaching at universities or business schools. This program provides the critical training and research skills required by aspiring managers and executives to handle challenging business situations and thus demonstrate the capability to assume roles with the highest level of responsibility and accountability.


At Rushford, we work with each student to understand their professional goals and aspirations and offer the right mix of mentorship, guidance, and skill-building that increases their chances to achieve their goals. Our mentorship program as well as the availability of a myriad of tools and resources help students to gain confidence in facing real-world business challenges as well as apply a high level of research and analytical thinking to solve business problems.



Rushford maintains very high standards for students who enter our academic programs. For all DBA programs, the following criteria need to be met before admission is offered to a prospective student.



Master’s or an equivalent recognized academic title in Business and Management
Master’s or an equivalent recognized academic title in any discipline with over 5 years of managerial and/or business experience
Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent recognized academic title in any discipline with over 8 years of managerial and/or business experience


Proficiency in English:

Evidence of Proficiency in English

IELTS 6.0+ , OR

PTE 50+ , OR

TOEFL 550+, OR

Any other proficiency test taken in the last 2 years


English Proficiency Waiver:

The English proficiency test is not required for the following candidates:

Native English Speakers, OR;

Applicants having completed their schooling in English (i.e. High School Diploma or IB), OR;

Applicants having completed their undergraduate or graduate studies in English, OR;

2 Years of work experience in a setting in which English is a language of work


  • EduQua Certified Swiss Institution

    Rushford Business School through its parent school (James Lind Institute) is certified by EduQua, a Swiss quality label for further education institutions. EduQua is an accreditation body recognized and supported by the Swiss Confederate Government. EduQua is the first quality certification for public and private educational institutions in Switzerland and is recognized, supported, and endorsed by the following organizations: • Swiss Federal Government • Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education (EDK) • State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) • Swiss Conference for Professional Training department (SBBK) • Swiss Association of Employment Departments (VSAA) • Swiss Federation for Adult Learning (SVEB)


    Rushford Business School through its parent school (James Lind Institute) is a member of the “Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) ACBSP is a global accrediting body which accredits business programs at the associate, baccalaureate, and graduate degree levels worldwide since 1988. Rushford Business School is part of a membership that extends to more than 60 countries. ACBSP members are amongst the best educators in their respective fields, interested in learning innovative teaching methods, improving the delivery of business education programs, and creative value for their students.


    Rushford Business School through its parent school (James Lind Institute) is a member of the “International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE)” The IACBE accredits business programs that lead to degrees at the associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels in institutions of higher education worldwide. All modes of delivery, campuses, locations, and instructional sites, as well as all business programs regardless of degree level, will normally be included in the IACBE accreditation review.


    Rushford Business School is a proud supporter and Signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Management Education (UN PRME). PRME is an initiative of the United Nations Global Compact founded in 2007 as a platform to encourage and increase awareness and integration of sustainability in business schools around the world. Today, PRME is the largest coordinated effort between the world’s business schools and the United Nations. Rushford Business School became a PRME signatory in 2020. As a school, we understand the privilege and responsibility of providing quality education that gives learners the knowledge and tools they need to succeed, change lives, and transform societies.

  • International Council For Open & Distance Education (ICDE), Norway

    James Lind Institute is a proud member of the prestigious International Council for Open & Distance Education. ICDE has consultative partner status with UNESCO and shares UNESCO’s key value – the universal right to education for all. ICDE further derives its position from the unique knowledge and experience of its members throughout the world in the development and use of new methodologies and emerging technologies.

  • Swiss Higher Educational Institution

    James Lind Institute is an approved post-secondary higher educational Institution with the authority to award private degrees in Switzerland. The institute is registered in the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland under the UID CHE-255.747.977.

  • International Organization For Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015 Certified

    James Lind Institute (JLI) is fully accredited by the AMERICAN BOARD OF ACCREDITATION SERVICES (ABAS) as per ISO 9001:2015 standards for providing Training & Education Programs related to healthcare and allied sectors.

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