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Where is Rushford Business School located?
Rushford Business School is the official name of the business school of James Lind Institute (JLI) which is a global higher education institute with students from over 80 countries.  We are located in Geneva, Switzerland. We also operate from other global locations such as Singapore and India.
Can you tell me more about the school?
Rushford Business School was founded by experts in the industry and the school has since grown to be one of the largest global online higher education institutions for business and management. Over 5000 students have passed out to date from over 100 countries. We continue to grow our student numbers every year and this is a testament to the exceptional student experience we provide our students.
Is Rushford Business School an Accredited Institution?
Rushford Business School is certified by EduQua, a Swiss quality label for further education institutions.  EduQua is an accreditation body recognized and supported by the Swiss Confederate Government.

EduQua is the first quality certification for public and private educational institutions in Switzerland and is recognized, supported, and endorsed by the following organizations:

• Swiss Federal Government
• Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education (EDK)
• State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)
• Swiss Conference for Professional Training department (SBBK)
• Swiss Association of Employment Departments (VSAA)
• Swiss Federation for Adult Learning (SVEB)

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Do I have to pay any application fee?
The school does not charge any application fee.
When can I apply?
For our online programs, applications are received throughout the year, and based upon the processing time of your application, you will be enrolled in your program in the next upcoming start date. For most online programs, there are a number of start dates in a year.

For programs that are provided on campus, there are only 2 intakes a year – March and October. Students need to start the application process at least 6-7 months in advance of the start date since it usually takes this amount of time for all the formalities including visa and student permit to complete.

What are the admission requirements?
Admission into a program requires the applicant to meet certain acceptance requirements. Eligibility criteria are mentioned in the respective program detail pages. To get admitted you must meet the eligibility criteria and provide proof of eligibility such as a copy of your prior diploma, degree, or work experience as may be required for the program. You can learn more about the admission process by clicking the button below 

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How are online programs conducted at Rushford Business School?


Rushford Business School utilizes state of the art e-campus and Learning Management System (LMS) as well as online live classroom sessions. This mix provides students with a comprehensive system that is full of content, discussions, debates, forums, multimedia learning modules, live lectures, documents, repositories, and many other such resources. Program faculty stays in touch with students throughout the program and are always available for answering students’ questions.

What are the computer requirements for Rushford programs?
Basic computer hardware, software, and internet connection are primary requirements. Our programs can be accessed across most devices including smartphones, tablets, PCs, Laptops, etc. We generally recommend devices that have been manufactured within 5 years to ensure that compatibility is not an issue with the latest browser technologies that we utilize.
Is it difficult to learn how to use the online learning platform?
No, it is not difficult at all. Using our online learning platform is as easy as using email, surfing the internet or using any basic software. You will be provided with some orientation documents before the start of your program in order to help you learn navigation and other functionalities of the online program.
How do I receive and submit assignments?
All assignments to be completed will be posted in the user area when you log in. To submit assignments, simply upload it in the applicable section of your user area.
Whom do I contact I have any questions and need clarifications?
You can interact with the faculty and peers via  the Learning Management System (LMS). There are group discussions and forums where you can post your questions and participate in faculty led discussions. You may also interact with the faculty via a personal messaging system.
Will I be missing the give- and- take of a conventional classroom setting?
JLI offers a highly personalized and interactive learning experience. While different from in classroom experience, you will find training at JLI interactive and engaging. You will be interacting frequently with your mentors, tutors, counsellors, course administrators etc via email, telephone or chat. You can also have the opportunity to meet your mentor or tutor in person, whenever required and feasible.
What time are lectures held?
There is no set timing for classes. You can log in and study at any time as per your convenience. For some live web-sessions (if applicable to your program) you will be provided a schedule weeks in advance.


Will I need a visa to study in Switzerland?
If you are an EU/EFTA resident, you don’t need a visa to enter Switzerland but you will need to register with the Geneva Cantonal office within 14 days of arrival in to Geneva. The cantonal office will provide you with a resident permit which will allow you to study and live in Geneva.

For non EU/EFTA residents, you will need to apply for a visa from your local Swiss consulate or their representative. Following documents will be needed for the application.

A certificate of enrolment provided by Rushford Business School confirming your program and start date,

Proof of payment of school fees and means of support during studies

A written commitment that you will leave Switzerland upon completion of the studies

Your CV

After entering Switzerland, you must apply for a resident permit at the Cantonal office in Geneva.

Do you provide accommodation?
Rushford Business School does not offer accommodation. However, we assist our students in finding the best accommodation. Students have a wide variety of accommodation types available. Accommodation in Geneva is limited and students are advised to start exploring options early during the enrolment process. Our admissions team will be of help in this.
How much time does it take from admission application to enrolment?
We advise students to set aside 6 months for this process. If you are applying for March Semester, you must try to start your application process by November of last year. If you are applying for November Semester, you are advised to start your application process before May.
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