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1.5 Years    |    90 ECTS    |    Full-time

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Explore the opportunity of living and studying in Switzerland!

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Receive Two

- A UK Accredited Degree
- A Swiss Degree

Our MSc programs are dual qualifications. Upon completion you receive a UK accredited degree from our university partner, and a swiss degree from Rushford Business School.

Multi-Country Pathways

You have the option to complete the last six months in Germany.

Global Immersion Program

Opportunity to visit other countries on short study tours (free of cost).

Mentorship Program

Mentor matching six months after you join with periodic mentor-mentee meetings.

High Quality Faculty

Learn from our highly qualified faculty members who are passionate about teaching.

Post-study Visa

Receive post study visa for 6 months in Switzerland or 18 months in Germany.

Networking Events

Networking events to help you build industry connections.

Personality Tests

Personality assessment to help you unlock your growth potential.

Career Support

We offer career counseling, professional development workshops, and job search assistance.

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