Online Teaching Approach

The academic approach we implement aims to identify the specific needs and career aspirations of each individual. Based on this understanding the most efficient personalized mentoring solution is put in place so that the individual can make the most out of the study program.

We firmly believe in the idea that every person has their own strengths, and they can be harnessed through the correct learning methodology and approach. The students at Rushford are fully aware that self-knowledge holds equal importance to academic knowledge.

The following illustration sums up our Training Approach:

At Rushford, we have the experience and insights that are critical to the development of highly engaging and productive online learning tools and methodologies. We have always been at the cutting edge of technological advancements in online learning. Our learning platforms can be accessed from anywhere in the world from any device at any time. We have excelled in creating innovative solutions for our students through which we harness the strength of the internet to help bring engaging and meaningful learning to our students.

We pioneered the advancement of self-paced learning in Business and Management using an active-passive system of learning using our online technology tools. Online learning is not just a simple online replication of the physical classroom. It is an entirely different paradigm and for successful outcomes, online learning systems need to be built from ground up!  We have students enrolled in over 100 countries and it is due to the self-paced nature of our programs that no student ever misses a lecture or a class at Rushford.

Rushford has also pioneered an efficient academic model in which we are able to engage highly experienced and renowned faculty from top business schools globally. We have been able to innovate in our business model in a way so that we are able to keep our tuition fee low and offer exceedingly high value back to the student.

The mentorship program at Rushford provides every student at Rushford with an opportunity to be matched with a mentor. Mentors come from all sorts of backgrounds and organizations as well as levels of experience. We work with each student to understand their aspirations and interests before matching the student with a mentor. We also take all our students through standardized personality assessments for better insights into their strengths and areas of opportunities.

It is our innovative, practical, and self-paced approach that has been the highlight for our students when they chose us as their school of choice for their higher education in Business and Management. We look forward to being partners in your success. Talk to us today!

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