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Welcome to Rushford, the Business School!

I am delighted to write about Rushford Business School(RBS), our journey to date, and our aspirations for a bright future that is full of exciting opportunities!

RBS came into existence with a simple mission! The mission was to create and nurture a global higher education institution that helped our students to advance their understanding of the problems and challenges that exist in this domain and attempt to find meaningful solutions to overcome these challenges. When I look back and reflect on our journey to date, what amazes me the most is the sheer dedication and passion of our students, faculty, staff, partners, and alumni towards this mission. Over the years the institute has seen tremendous growth, and this would not have been possible without this passion and commitment!

At RBS we have successfully built a strong foundation that will be critical for the next phase of growth and expansion of the institute. Establishing the institute’s campus in Germany is a significant milestone in the journey of the growth, transformation, and future success of the institution!

Where we are and where we are going from here!

Over the last decade, we have constantly worked towards enhancing the student experience at JLI. What started as an institute focused on clinical research has grown into a world-class educational institution with students from over 80 countries and over 5000-strong alumni community across the globe! Our pursuit of improving our methods of teaching, utilization of online technologies and creating highly relevant academic programs has led us to establish a strong global educational brand. The number of our academic and industry partners has continued to grow and mature. We maintained a strong focus on affordability and thus ensuring that we have a compelling high value offering to our students.

In the last 5 years, we increased the total student enrolment by five folds. Our student community has continued to become more diverse with approximately 50% of our students coming from Africa and Asia. We added several post graduate degree programs in collaboration with our university partners. This considerable success is testimony to JLI’s commitment to be a premier international  global educational institution that is known for the highest quality education that is affordable to students from across the globe.

We continue to refine our global strategy and the key areas of emphasis for us are: enhancing the academic experience of our students; enabling opportunities for meaningful research; and continued increase in infrastructure and refined processes. Under these strategic objectives, we have identified various initiatives that will help the institute to further enhance it’s impact on the problems that our students are trying to solve!

Please join me in wishing our  JLI community the best in our efforts to improve the world around us!


Thank you,
Tufail Syed
Rushford Business School

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