MSc in Operations and Supply Chain Management


Master of Science

in Operations and Supply Chain Management

to 24
60, 90, 120 ECTS
for full program
Awarded By:
Rushford Business School, Switzerland
Program Overview

Rushford’s MSc in Operations and Supply Chain Management (SCM) ideally positions you to thoroughly understand production and manufacturing processes, the flow of goods and services, inventory control, inbound and outbound shipping, and production scheduling. In the last couple of decades, economic and political shifts have colossally modified established supply chain management protocols. Disruptions in international trade have led to new approaches in warehouse management, leading to technology-led innovative solutions to streamline complex processes and gain a competitive advantage.

Given this business scenario, pursuing a professional course in SCM is befitting. The program will inform you about new approaches and innovative solutions to supply chain management, enhancing your expertise in globally-proven principles and practices. You will learn about a range of techniques suitable to operations strategies in contemporary organizations. However, it does not limit your employment only to logistics and supply chain sectors; instead, it paves the way to senior-level positions in other areas such as tourism, transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, etc.

It is high time to have an exciting career by immersing yourself in our top-notch real-time projects, capstone projects, seminars, and workshops. Expert trainers and mentors will appease your curiosity to the best level and provide you with ample chances to explore this field by giving a detailed insight into the subject matter. Our holistic program will shape your overall personality, enabling you to impress employers by showcasing creative, problem-solving, and analytical skills. You will become ready for high-demand job roles such as supply planner, data scientist, and demand planner. The shortage of skilled professionals in these fields will open up rewarding avenues for you, promising immense growth and development in your personality and career.

Educational Objectives

After completing the course, learners are able to:

  • Acquire a robust knowledge of existing supply chain challenges.
  • Learn lean manufacturing processes experientially by integrating theory with practice.
  • Develop strategic thinking in handling business management issues, emphasizing supply chain management.
  • Innovate to improve existing supply chain processes by applying Big Data, artificial intelligence, and other technological solutions.
  • Comprehend cross-cultural procurement situations, and implement feasible approaches to address the same.
  • Apply statistical analysis, economic approaches, and financial models in business decision-making.
  • Develop a multi-pronged outlook by identifying business operations at a global level.

Who Is This Program For

MSc in Operations and Supply Chain Management is ideal for:

  • Graduates (of any discipline) wishing to pursue an advanced course in operations and supply chain management.
  • Professionals seeking managerial or more senior roles in reputed multinational companies.
  • Entrepreneurs looking forward to enhancing their expertise in business operations, specifically in supply chain management.
Next Start Date:
01 Jun 2023
Program Information
Program Curriculum

MSc in Operations and Supply Chain Management

  1. Rushford’s 60 ECTS (One-year) MSc in Operations and Supply Chain Management comprises 15 courses – 5 Core Courses and 10 Operations and Supply Chain Management specific courses.
  2. To be qualified for 60 ECTS MSc, you must complete all 15 courses. Each course comprises of 4 ECTS.
  3. 90 ECTS top-up program (18 months) takes you to an advanced level in Operations and Supply Chain Management field. It provides you an opportunity to choose another 5 electives in Operations and Supply Chain Management related field along with a Master thesis of 10 ECTS.
  4. 120 ECTS top-up program (24 months) provides you an opportunity to research in the field, and allows you to choose another 5 courses with a Capstone Consulting Project of 10 ECTS.

MSc Top-Up Programs

  1. Online 60 ECTS MSc programs also allow an option to top-up to 90 ECTS and 120 ECTS. 
  2. Generally, it is recommended for Bachelor students with no work experience to opt for the higher credit version of the program. 
  3. Higher credits are also recommended for those who wish to be an expert in field as top-up programs allow you to master the chosen area. 90 and 120 ECTS programs provide you access to advanced level specialised courses along with an opportunity to write Master Thesis, or a Capstone Consulting Project respectively. 
  4. Our flexible program structure for Online mode of study permits you to choose for top-up programs after completing 75% of your studies by contacting your Student Success Manager.
  5. Our Rushford online programs provide you flexibility to complete the degree in an extended duration of 3 years without payment of an additional fee.

For 60 ECTS Version

For 90 ECTS Version

All Courses in 60 ECTS plus Any 5 Electives from the following:

For 120 ECTS Version

All Courses in 90 ECTS plus the following:

You are required to hold at minimum a recognised bachelor’s degree with a minimum overall score of 55% (GPA 2.0 on a 4.0 point scale) or higher.

In some instances, you may also require relevant work experience and/or research experience. If applicable, you may demonstrate this through submission of a CV, portfolio, and/or a personal statement.

English Language Proficiency:

Our programs are conducted in English language. As such, you must demonstrate proficiency in English language by submitting one of the following test scores during the application process:

IELTS Overall: 5.5
TOEFL (iBT: 58+; PBT: 490+; CBT: 167+)
TOEIC Overall: 555+
PTE Overall: 50+
Duolingo Overall: 90+

English Proficiency Waivers: 

The English proficiency test is not required for the following candidates:
– Native English Speakers, OR;
– Applicants having completed their schooling in English (i.e. High School Diploma or IB), OR;
– Applicants having completed their undergraduate or graduate studies in English, OR;
– 2 years of work experience in an organization where English is the primary language of communication.

For 60 ECTS Version (12 months):

Option 1: Full Fee Before Start Date

Amount: CHF 7200

Option 2: Installment Plan

Initial Deposit Before Start Date: CHF 1800, plus

12 ‘monthly-installments’ of CHF 450 each

For 90 ECTS Version (18 months)

Option 1: Full Fee Before Start Date

Amount: CHF 9000

Option 2: Installment Plan

Initial Deposit Before Start Date: CHF 1800, plus

18 ‘monthly-installments’ of CHF 400 each

For 120 ECTS Version (24 months)

Option 1: Full Fee Before Start Date

Amount: CHF 11520

Option 2: Installment Plan

Initial Deposit Before Start Date: CHF 1800, plus

24 ‘monthly-installments’ of CHF 405 each

The criticality of supply chain management has further increased in the post-pandemic era because of the need to boost employment and optimize production processes. This changed business scenario is likely to increase the demand for SCM experts in the coming years.

You have an excellent scope to join reputed companies, such as Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, McDonald’s, Unilever, etc. You can become a supply chain analyst, business manager, commercial manager, supply chain planner, or transport officer. With top-notch theoretical knowledge and hands-on experiences, you can have a satisfying career entailing continuous learning and enrichment.

To apply for this program kindly follow the application process as described in the following link:

Online Campus Application Process

More Information

Career Support

All students at Rushford Business School are provided career support in the form of resume development, interview preparation, job search guidance etc.

Application Tracking

Kindly submit your application using our online application portal. You will be able to track the various stages of your application.

We focus on your development!

Real World Simulations

Various courses are accompanied by simulations in which you are given a situation that you must resolve based on what you learnt in the program and your experience. There are usually no right or wrong answers in simulations. They are to make you understand how a situation may unfold in the real world and prepare you to make the right decisions.

Personality Assessment

As an incoming student at Rushford you will undergo a personality assessment using a validated tool for MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) to help you unlock the potential of personal growth. It is a groundbreaking framework that empowers you to hone your skills, identify strengths and differences, and lay the groundwork for an enriching journey of self improvement.

Networking Events

We understand the importance of networking in building a successful career. That's why we offer a range of networking events to help our students connect with industry professionals and build the relationships that can lead to new opportunities.

People & Tech Skills

Both people and technology skills are essential for success in today's world. We have entered in a new era of business and management wherein the paradigm of interaction between people and machines is changing and evolving at a rapid pace. What was relevant 5 years ago is not as relevant today. At Rushford, we offer you an ungraded skillset of both people skills and technology skills so that you can better appreciate how to operate in this new paradigm and be prepared for the landscape change that is inevitable in the coming years.