Unique Learning Experiences

Unique Learning Experiences

For Campus Students

We go beyond the classroom to provide you with unique and immersive learning experiences.

Connecting classroom learning to the real world!

Global Immersion Program

Improve your international employability with our Global Immersion Program.

Learn about the business environment, cultural background, and start-up opportunities in other countries and markets.

Spend 1 Week in Another European Country

Rushford offers you an integrated Global Immersion week in Germany or another country in Europe as a part of your study program. The Global Immersion week is thoughtfully designed to provide an exposure to the local economy, industries, start-up communities, cultural and historical perspectives, and many other aspects of doing business in the country. The exposure also helps promote intercultural sensitisation and communication.


Our Global Immersion Program comprises three components namely on-campus webinars, study tours, and a final portfolio. The program is recommended but not mandatory and contains no associated credits.

On-Campus Webinars:

On-Campus webinars are initiated 5-weeks preceding the travel. The sessions cover the topics such as economic, political, social and historical perspectives of the region of travel. A few activities are also provided to induce mindfulness towards travel in an unfamiliar environment, manage uncertainties, business and professional etiquettes, cultural and language requirements. A tentative schedule may also be discussed to allow you to plan your free time.

Study Tour:

The three key objective of this study tour are corporate meetings and leadership sessions, industry visits, and cultural meet-ups. During corporate meetings, leadership sessions and industry visits, you will have direct exposure on the way leaders lead and manage their businesses, the way they perceive future challenges and opportunities and strategize and plan to prepare in advance. The discussions may also help you evaluate the impact of decisions on operational and financial key considerations business leaders weigh before making the decisions.


Portfolio preparation is an essential component of your global immersion program. Portfolio comprises of reflection exercises that starts from the day on-campus webinars begin. You will be provided with the program handbook guiding you on portfolio building which will help you present a journey of your new learnings, challenges you faced, the opportunities you envision, networking you would want to nurture, and future action plans, if any.


Salient Features

  • Opportunity to meet business leaders
  • Industry visits such as manufacturing facilities
  • Gain additional historical & cultural perspectives
study tours

Salient Features

  • Mentor matching six months after you join
  • Periodic mentor-mentee meetings
  • Goal setting and monitoring
  • Explore networking an internships
  • Mentorship continues even after completing

Mentorship Program

Dedicated Mentorship

We constantly aspire to create high value for our students’ investment of their time, effort, and money! We believe that the role of a business school is not only to provide top quality knowledge but also to prepare students for the business world through real-life experience and insights!

Keeping this in consideration, we created the Rushford Mentorship Program!

Think Different Approach

Many of our students attribute their professional growth not only to the top-quality business education we offer but also to the guidance from their mentors who challenged them to think differently and open their eyes and mind to different perspectives.

With the support of our mentorship program, we ensure that our students are better equipped to succeed in reaching their goals.

Mentoring With Measurable Outcomes

We provide every student the opportunity to be matched with a mentor during their study program. Mentors are experienced professionals who have demonstrated success in their respective fields in the business landscape. They act as guides for the students and help to bring real-world insights from the business world across the globe.

Our mentors help students to network with seasoned professionals, create personal development opportunities, job prospects, and help with overall career development. Mentors play a significant role in our students’ personal, social, and professional development.

We focus on your development!

Here are some more experiences for Rushford students

Networking Events

We understand the importance of networking in building a successful career. That's why we offer a range of networking events to help our students connect with industry professionals and build the relationships that can lead to new opportunities.

Personality Assessment

As an incoming student at Rushford you will undergo a personality assessment using a validated tool for MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) to help you unlock the potential of personal growth. It is a groundbreaking framework that empowers you to hone your skills, identify strengths and differences, and lay the groundwork for an enriching journey of self improvement.

People & Tech Skills

Both people and technology skills are essential for success in today's world. We have entered in a new era of business and management wherein the paradigm of interaction between people and machines is changing and evolving at a rapid pace. What was relevant 5 years ago is not as relevant today. At Rushford, we offer you an ungraded skillset of both people skills and technology skills so that you can better appreciate how to operate in this new paradigm and be prepared for the landscape change that is inevitable in the coming years.
The experience, training and knowledge I gained was key to improving my personal skills and enriching my professional and training project.
Sol Vega
Sol Maria Vega Farfan
MBA - Real Est. Mgmt.
My mentor helped me see new perspectives in solving business problems and rightly guided me all along until the completion of my program.
Santosh Shreshta
MBA - Finance

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