Management & Faculty

Key Management & Faculty

Our top management team is dedicated to driving excellence and innovation in all areas at Rushford. With a wealth of experience and expertise, the team is committed to providing the best possible education and resources for our students.

Dr Tufail Syed

Dr. Tufail Syed

"I am committed to fostering an environment that empowers our students to be the best version of themselves. Through our exceptional faculty, cutting-edge resources, and supportive community, we will provide the education and opportunities necessary for our students to succeed. Together, we will strive for excellence in all that we do."
Dr. Kanika

Dr. Kanika Gupta

Chief Academic Officer
"I am dedicated to ensuring that our faculty and students have the support and resources they need to succeed. Together, we will continue to push the boundaries of knowledge and innovation, and create a world-class learning environment that prepares our students for leadership in the business world."
Dr. Abdul Wahid

Dr. Abdul Wahid

Director of Operations
"As the director of operations at this business school, I am committed to ensuring that all of our systems and processes run smoothly and efficiently. My team and I are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our faculty, staff, and students, and to making this business school a place where everyone can thrive and reach their full potential."
Dr. James Smith Jr.

“I enjoy teaching at Rushford. The courses we conduct are comprehensive and very different from what I have experienced at other business schools. I look forward to meeting you personally at the school soon. Best wishes!”

– Dr. James Smith Jr., PhD.
Course ‘Leadership 2040’

“I have been teaching various courses at Rushford for a long time. Our courses are developed keeping in mind the latest advances in the field of business management and our students are always the focus of everything we do at Rushford.”

– Dr. Flavio Gazzani, PhD.
MBA Faculty
Courses: Managerial Economics; Energy & Sustainability

Dr. Flavio Gazzani

Key Faculty

Our faculty are passionate about their subjects and committed to delivering an engaging and transformative learning experience.

Dr. James Smith Jr

Dr. James Smith Jr., PhD.

Dr. Kanika

Dr. Kanika Gupta, PhD.

Dr. Flavio Gazzani

Dr. Flavio Gazzani, PhD.

Dr. Vincent E

Dr. Vincent English, PhD.

Dr. Kenneth

Dr. Kenneth Le Meunier – Fitzhugh, PhD.

Dr Jay D

Dr. Jay Daniel, PhD.

Dr. Anna

Dr. Anna Kondratyuk, PhD.

Dr. Bradley

Dr. Bradley Joblin, PhD.

Dr. Sonal

Dr. Sonal Katyal, PhD.

Dr. Epping

Dr. Michael Epping, PhD.

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