Why Study At Rushford?

Why Study At Rushford?
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At Rushford, we focus on outcomes. We partner with our students to ensure that their desired outcomes are achieved.

We go beyond the traditional classroom!

This is why we offer some unique learning experiences

Mentorship Program

What you study in the classroom is complemented by having the real-world insights by interacting with your mentor. Our mentors are experienced and capable professionals who will help you to get the best out of your studies at Rushford.
personality assessment

Personality Assessment

As an incoming student at Rushford you will undergo a personality assessment using a validated tool for MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) to help you unlock the potential of personal growth. It is a groundbreaking framework that empowers you to hone your skills, identify strengths and differences, and lay the groundwork for an enriching journey of self improvement.
Global immersion

Global Immersion

For on-campus programs, Rushford offers an integrated Global Immersion week in Germany or another country in Europe as a part of some study program. This event is thoughtfully designed to provide an exposure to the local economy, industries, start-up communities, cultural and historical perspectives, and many other aspects of doing business in the country. It also helps to promote intercultural sensitisation and communication. 

Paid Internships

Rushford offers on-campus master students in Spain guaranteed paid internships ranging from 1 to 2 months. These can often be extended based on candidates' performance and the availability of more positions. This helps you build some work experience and is an excellent USP of our programs conducted in Spain.

Think Management. Think Rushford.

EduQua Certified

Guarantees high quality education

Overseen by the Canton

Overseen and regulated by the Canton of Luzern to ensure that quality standards in higher education are delivered

University Partnerships

Top-University partners for various programs

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Career Services

Receive career counselling, job search assistance & other support

Excellence in Teaching

Training via case studies, immersive simulations, interactive lectures etc

Tuition Help

Partial scholarships offered to applicants from low and middle income regions

Alumni That Are Impacting Lives
Join our  2 k+ Alumni

Our alumni are working at leading organizations and impact the lives of millions of people.

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