Academic Programs

Our Master Degree programs are designed with the practical needs and requirements of the student as well as the specific industry in which they hope to gain employment. While still maintaining an academic rigor as you would expect in a Masters Programme, our courses also recognize the need for practical applications. Hence our approach is one we call “pracademic” – that is, we place equal emphasis on academic and practical learning.

All our degrees are available online, with lectures and supporting material available 24/7. Every one of our courses has a live webinar element where you can attend classes in real-time and have the opportunity to engage with your professors and fellow students. The classes are recorded, so can catch up later if you cannot make a live session. We also follow a dialogic pedagogy, where we encourage learning through communication between professors and students and between students themselves.

Master of Science (MSc) Programs

We offer three MSc Degrees. You can study a range of degrees that are tailored to you. The first is the MSc in Sports Sciences where the emphasis is placed on the prevention of injuries and long-term medical problems associated with sports activities. Taught from a medical practitioner’s point of view, the practice-based approach will study bone, muscles, and the anatomy of sports medicine.  Next, the MSc in Sports Psychology and Exercise focuses on providing students with the key theoretical and practical issues within the field of sport and exercise psychology. The course is relevant to those interested and involved in the sport and leisure industry, for example, coaches, athletes, strength & conditioning professionals, physiotherapists, P.E. teachers, personal trainers, etc. The course may also be of interest to business leaders and managers in terms of understanding what drives performance, staff motivation, leadership, and team cohesion. The course will examine a broad range of topical issues with the sport and exercise psychology profession through the application of theory and research. Finally, the MSc in Advanced Sports Performace is a strength and condition degree taught to be elite performers from the English Premier League. Adrian Lamb is a highly respected coach having worked with some of the world’s leading players at clubs such as Aston Villa, Newcastle United, Sunderland AFC, and many more including the football leagues in the United States and China. The course aims to educate students on applied techniques and methods that directly affect results on the pitch, field, track, course, or court by elevating the level at which their athletes perform both physically and mentally.

Our Sports Science degrees are not only designed to equip you with subject-specific skills in areas of performance but give you transferable skills.  These skills include communication, team-working, time management, customer focus, and the ability to motivate yourself and others.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Programs

The collaboration between Leeds United College, Longford College, and Rushford Business School has led to the development of unique MBA programs that are directed to professionals from the sports industry and those who would like to make a career in this industry.

Diploma Programs

The diploma programs offered by Rushford Business School under the School of Sports Management have been developed by experts within the sports and allied industries.

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