Types of MBA in Switzerland: Everything you need to know


Types of MBA in Switzerland: Everything you need to know

Switzerland as a member of the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) with the highest Swiss education standard systems has become the destination of choice for education. As the wealthiest and most prosperous country in the world, Switzerland invests a great deal of money in the field of education. Regular, online or part-time MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree programs help acquire a diverse skill set.

MBA In Switzerland 

Switzerland surrounded by Austria, France, Germany and Italy provides diverse opportunities to international students. The central location of this wealthy nation in Europe has driven global corporations like Nestle, McDonald, Yahoo and Nissan to choose Switzerland as the European hub for international business. The incredible economic growth, business development, unique culture and free-lifestyle living of the country attract aspirants to enrol in an MBA program. Graduates from such programs in Switzerland easily find business-related jobs, work in traditional business environments or government positions in the finance sector within the country. MBA degree provides a great opportunity to network and create new business opportunities in Switzerland. Though not a member of the EU, EU citizens with a visa are allowed to attend schools, colleges and universities in the country. 

Types of MBA Programs

General management program of MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree is designed to educate business students in areas such as Human Resources, Marketing, Finances, Strategy and Operations Management. The core subjects covered in  MBA program includes applied statistics, accounting,  human resourcesbusiness communicationbusiness ethics and lawbusiness strategyfinance, managerial economics,  supply-chain management and logistics, entrepreneurship, marketing, and operations management

The types of MBA program may be based on location that involves campus-based MBA, online MBA and hybrid MBA or based on timeline as full-time, part-time or accelerated.

Regular MBA:

Regular MBA programs are designed for business students lacking professional work experience to advance in further studies. This two year program requires submitting GMAT scores, attending lectures and involving in different projects.  

Executive MBA

Two-year program of Executive MBA requires five years of managerial experience among pursuants who continue to be employed while studying for improvement in business credibility and career advancement.

Accelerated 1-year MBA 

Accelerated 1-year MBA program is similar to the regular program with differences in duration and tuition cost. 

Part time MBA 

Part time MBA programs are offered on the weekends or on an online basis so aspirants can continue to maintain a job. 

Distance MBA 

Distance learning MBA program with classes organised off-campus can be offered as correspondence program by email or postal mail, live teleconference or video conference, non-interactive broadcast or pre-recorded video, offline or online computer format. 

International MBA

Global or International MBA programs provide knowledge and skills required in various capacities for different business sectors in global context. Experienced professionals prefer global MBA to gain a worldwide perspective in business leadership.

Rushford Business School

Rushford Business School located at Geneva, Switzerland that offers higher degree programs in Business and Management. As a premier European Business School, Rushford promises to provide high-quality education at an affordable tuition fee. Rushford is a research-focused institution providing several internationally recognized MBA programs with technical specializations. Business behaviour and research is nourished in the innovative programs provided to positively impact business growth and societal development. Internationally expanding network employed at Rushford includes leading academic and exchange partners that provide a global teaching and research environment. Key opinion leaders are engaged to develop industry specific business skills among pursuants. The graduates of the business school can develop self-reliant personalities, shoulder social responsibility and face unique intellectual challenges with intercultural competence and critical thinking.  Recognising specific skills needs and career aspirations with the most efficient personalized mentoring solution is the main approach of the programs at Rushford.

MBA program at Rushford

Accelerated MBA program offered at Rushford is 100% online and designed for passionate and committed aspirants or working professionals to succeed in the business world. The program allows mentoring and guiding students by industry experts from the same industry throughout the program with real-life and core experiential learning. Rushford Business School offers a self-paced and hands-on program strengthened with latest technology and knowledge sourced through various faculty members and mentors for a world class learning experience. The Rushford MBA program employs industry experts to allow acceleration of career aspirations among graduates through sheer knowledge, skills and wisdom building during the program.

The learning environment of Rushford helps master key skills and provides core knowledge in fundamentals of business management required at the workplace. The reputed European MBA degree at Rushford provides competitive advantage, hands-on business management and learning experience that helps to solve daily business challenges. The MBA degree program imparts knowledge, sharpens business skills and incorporates professional experiences. The academically challenging curriculum of the MBA degree program is tailored to improve career goals and numerous learning opportunities. 


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