Rushford Business School achieved 5 of 5 QS Star Rating in Online Teaching & Learning

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Rushford Business School achieved 5 of 5 QS Star Rating in Online Teaching & Learning

We take this immense pleasure to share that Rushford Business School, Switzerland has been awarded 5 of 5 stars in online teaching and learning, and 4 of 5 stars overall. We always aim to provide the best quality of education to our students for up-skilling, and to achieve 5 on 5 star on teaching and learning is a matter of pride and a testament of our quality of academics.

The QS Stars rating system is a comprehensive audit of a university’s performance, rating your institution. A few areas of review are mentioned below:

  • Core Criteria: Core criteria includes Teaching, Employability, Internationalization, Research, and Academic Development. These categories feature the key building blocks of an institute whether focused globally, domestically, or locally. 

It was an immense pleasure to reflect upon our faculty, who are highly experienced in their areas of expertise. Our learners possess an average work experience of 8 years, and the employability post completing our programs was immensely high. Learners have contemporary specializations to choose from, which allows industry specific learning and accolades to be awarded to all learners. 

  • Learning Environment:

Online learning environment is counted towards the overall result of the QS Stars evaluation. Our e-learning environment not only provides specially curated content from highly experienced Professors, but also promote interactivity between learner to learner, learner to staff and learner to the system. Our e-campus is one of its kind with more than 3000+ hours of recorded content specially designed by faculties for our programs. 

  • Advanced Criteria: Arts & Culture, Innovation, Social Responsibility, and Inclusiveness, Environmental Impact

The recently introduced Environmental Impact category has a maximum score. We rank quite higher in terms of environmental impact. Our carbon emission is almost negligible and our processes are managed in a highly energy efficient manner. 

  • Specialist Criteria: Program Strength or Subject Ranking

Our learners feedback survey on program strength was highly encouraging. Around 80%+ learners endorsed our programs and mentioned the positive impact of our programs in their career progression. Our alumni survey was also encouraging where many are able to find a place within their areas of interest. 

Overall, applying and earning this rating is a very effective practice that either re-iterates the strong areas or highlights the areas of improvement. The system should be progressive to enable continuous feedback flowing within the system and it aims to achieve perfection gradually for the overall betterment of the ultimate stakeholders, especially the students. 


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